My account of CRMSensor - a web-based application, hosted on the Internet or internal corporate network of the client. To work with it, you will need an account and a regular Internet browser.

With the web office of CRMSensor you can solve a lot of problems:

  • explore the profiles of the respondents;
  • listen to the recording of service;
  • generate reports on the results of the surveys;
  • configure and monitor devices;
  • remotely create and upload survey and advertising scripts
  • and much more.

    How it works

    All devices CRMSensor connect to the server, from which you receive working content (polls, slides, advertising blocks). You can remotely add or change content, and manage the settings for any number of devices.

    The device sends the server's response to the client, as well as the related information in the form of photos and recording of the consultation process. This data is stored in the application of the client, which also contains information about the time of the survey, the number of the unit and the employee, who was authorized to use the CRMSensor device at the time.

    Using the web-office CRMSensor

    After a successful authorization in the web-office CRMSensor will take you to a page which provides information on the latest results of the surveys and active devices, which made a survey.

    Questionnaire respondents

    In the section "Profiles" shows a list of profiles from all units of the company. With handy filters you can sort the results by date, unit, a survey unit, staff and even sales results. And also to see all the details of each particular questionnaire.


    If the customer has entered a contact telephone number, e-mail or text commentary, these data will be available in "Applications." If the client has said he is interested in a product or service, the data on this topic are also displayed in this section. For each application, you can change the status or add a comment.

    Main reports


    On the page "Respondents", CRMSensor compiles reports on the dynamics of respondents and occupancy surveys. The report shows the dynamics of change in the number of respondents in the selected time period. The occupancy report shows the number of respondents who have completed the survey, as well as the percentage of people who came down to a specific issue.

    Results of surveys

    The page "Survey results" provides information on all the respondents in the context of the survey. And the report "Survey results - Dynamics" clearly shows the change in the relationship between the respondents' answers in a selected time interval.

    Survey locations

    The diagrams of the report "survey locations" the distribution of responses made in the context of cross-referencing the percentage of respondents' answers to the location of devices.

    All reports can be easily printed in an easy to view format.

    Additional features

    Device Management of CRMSensor in web-office

    The section "Devices" displays a table of all your active CRMSensor devices. Here you can change the settings or to add new one the existing devices.

    Settings of sleep mode and delays

    To attract the maximum attention of users, CRMSensor device has an option in sleep mode, and a spectacular exit.

    At the time of approaching a device, the person triggers the motion sensor and an advertising banner or video are replaced by a question and a variety of answers.

    Enabling or disabling sleep mode, the setting of the time to engage sleep mode in the absence of the respondents, and the time from sleep mode after the appearance of the respondent are performed in the device settings.

    CRMSensor will help bring your business to the next level!

    Based on the needs of your business, our managers will provide you with an individual functional solution.

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