How it works

Step 1

Install the interactive device CRMSensor

at the place of the interaction with the customers (at a reception or on a desk of a customer manager).

You can attach/adjust CRMSensor device to the surface using a special double-sided tape, which don’t leave traces after its removal.

Connect Wi-Fi.

Step 2

Select script or scenario in the CRMSensor web-office.

Example of a script/scenario:

1. CRMSensor device displays an employee badge.

2. CRMSensor detects appearance of a customer and a survey form replaces the digital badge. For example, you would like to receive an info of each employee performance, then choose: "Please rate the quality of our service."

3. You can learn understand and see your customers needs also, find out products they are interested in, and what can attract them in future.

4.CRMSensor device can display video and slide shows before, after or in-between questions.

5. If your customers want to receive additional information of any product, they can add a request with some contact details using CRMSensor device.

Step 3

CRMSensor device records audio and take pictures of the customer during the service process.

Information about each service session uploads/downloads online to the CRMSensor web-office.

System of filters allows you to find easily any service session and all the information about it:

  • date, time and place (apart from the employee);
  • pictures of customer service;
  • audio recording of customer services;
  • customer responses to the CRMSensor surveys.

  • Use the "Mystery shopper online":

    fill in the checklist, evaluate the quality of service in accordance to corporate standards, adjust the work of the employee in future.

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