New survey technologies

On a daily basis, tens of thousands of customers respond to a variety of questions on the CRMSensor devices.

Would you like to set up a simple and effective channel for customer feedback? Conduct market research online? To have a fully automated collection and processing of customer information?

With CRMSensor it is possible!

We use interactive technology of multi-level researches of the clients' experiences in sales and of service channels. We seamlessly insert the interaction with a client into the existing script without increasing the average time of contact.

With CRMSensor a pause in the service is the time for interviews, research and sales!

Surveys of any complexity

In MY ACCOUNT (personal cabinet) of CRMSensor you will find a number of tools to create ideal surveys. Depending on the tasks, you can use open or closed questions, linear or branched structure, and the opportunity to enter a phone number or textual information. Our clients like:

Express surveys

They contain from 1 to 3 short questions. The client will spend no more than 15 seconds

Personalized surveys

Include digital badge of an employee (photo, name and title), and provide information not only in the context of a region or division, but of each individual employee of the company. With CRMSensor you always know who the best and worst employees are and can use this information to evaluate the KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Interactive surveys

Allow the use of different media effects, including combining surveys and advertising. Such surveys are vivid, with elements of gaming and have always attracted the attention of customers.

Why it works

CRMSensor does not impose on the client's personal time and is seamlessly integrated into the service process. The client responds to questions during a pause, which always occurs during the service process.

We employ touch-sensitive technology, so that the client spends not more than 5 seconds for each answer.

Interviews, created in the personal cabinet of CRMSensоr are easily modified, supplemented and adjusted in accordance with the current needs of the client.

Bright interface and sound effects are guaranteed to attract the attention of your customers!

The capabilities of the interface are limitless:
  • variability of answers;
  • multiple choice answers to a single question;
  • color display;
  • custom design;
  • animation
  • and much more.

    Additional features


    Digital questionnaires with customers' answers

    Customers' questionnaires are stored in digital format and contain full information: the date and time of the questionnaire, the data on the workplace and the name of staff, customers' responses to each question. The questionnaire may also include customer's photo, video and audio recording of the service process.

    Prompt notification by e-mail or SMS about the selected replies

    Setting up notifications of selected replies via e-mail or SMS to the designated officer of the company allows you to respond quickly to negative feedback and provides broad opportunities for active sales.

    Protection against falsification of results

    Client's photo (can be attached to each questionnaire) is the best protection against fraud. Using the status of "invalid" for suspicious questionnaires will exclude them from the general statistical results.

    Storing questionnaires in the cloud service

    The web office of CRMSensor stores questionnaires on all of the devices of the company. At any time you can access questionnaires of each respondent or the data on all of your devices.

    Use of corporate style in surveys. The term of information storage is up to 3 years.

    For each company, CRMSensоr develops a unique interface in the corporate style and templates to quickly create surveys on the letterhead of the company.



  • All information is accessible online 24/7.

  • Data is stored for up to 3 years in the cloud service, and, in retrospect, one may retrieve the information of any survey.

  • Customization of content (you can remotely change survey's text, upload new slides and change media scenarios).

  • The CRMSensor system contains ready to use tools for assessment of NPS (Net Promoter Score), FCR First Call Resolution), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Index), MSI (Mystery Shopper Index), etc.

  • Popular reports

    In the web office of CRMSensor we process and provide you with surveys' results. All information is processed online and available 24/7 in the form of analytical and statistical reports, as well as specialized indexes. The advantage the CRMSensor system is in its unlimited possibilities for customization of reports for the unique needs of the client.

    The dynamics of the respondents

    Charting the changing number of respondents in time as linear graphs.

    Results of surveys

    Aggregate data on all the respondents' answers in the context of the survey in pie chart formats.

    Filling out of surveys

    The number of respondents who have completed the survey, as well as the percentage of customers who came down to a specific issue.


    The total picture of all configured indexes and indicators in the system.


    Report on the work of all departments in tabular or hierarchical form, including information on all of the existing integral indicators for each division.


    Report on the work of the staff, containing all of the assessments and performance indicators of employees in tabular form.

    All of the reports are generated for an arbitrary period of time and are cross –referenced for all divisions. The data is exported to Excel, PNG, JPEG, TXT, PDF, SVG.

    NPS Index

    Net Promoter Score (NPS) - defines the commitment of consumers for goods or the company and the willingness to re-purchase.

    FCR Index

    First Call Resolution (FCR) - the coefficient of solving the problem of a client during the first call.

    CSAT Index

    Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) - index of customer satisfaction.

    MSI Index

    Mystery Shopper Index (MSI) is the evaluation of the process of customer service by individual customers.

    The index of assessment of public institutions

    It is used to assess the quality and efficiency of the work of public institutions.

    CRMSensor will help bring your business to the next level!

    Based on the needs of your business, our managers will provide you with an individual functional solution.

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