Using CRMSensor device visitors can request a call from a specialist.
For this they only need to enter their phone number, e-mail or text comment in the designated section of the survey.

The system generates an application and sends it to the selected employee via e-mail or sms. If the client took part in the survey and selected goods and services of interest, this will be specified in the application. Calling the customer, you will already know whether they were satisfied with the service and what goods or services you can offer.

For each application, you can post a comment to describe the result of a call or close an application, if in the course of communicating the issue was resolved.

E-mail and SMS notification

In order that the virtual customer applications are processed on time, CRMSensor established a system of notifications for specific employees.

  • Configure notification by e-mail or SMS to the selected staff member and respond to customer requests quickly.

  • Would you like to ensure that every customer leaving your office is in a good mood? Configure notification of negative feedback and analyze all claims of the customer as soon as possible after they are received.

  • Use the information, regarding the services that interest your clients in order to increase sales! If, in a question “select the services of interest”, a client chooses one or more items, your company will get an instantaneous sms or an e-mail with information about the client and the location of the survey where they took the survey.

  • All applications submitted by clients on the CRMSensor devices are stored in the «cloud» office of the CRMSensor. You can upload profiles with contact information to an Excel file for further processing any time you need.

    Manual starting

    CRMSensor system allows you to run advertisements in manual mode with administrator control panel. This is done using a special mini-keyboard - numpad.

    CRMSensor' monitor in polling mode invites a client to choose which products or services are of interest to him/her. If the customer chooses one or more items, an employee is notified of this by e-mail. Upon notification, the employee includes a commercial for the particular product. Often, after such a presentation, customers buy additional services.

    Monitoring sales

    The records of CRMSensоr show the number of presentations held in the manual mode and the resulting sales. You can generate a report on the efficiency of a company, its individual units, and each employee.

    For each staff member the system displays the following information:

    • The number of conducted presentations by product.

    • The number of sales that are marked by an employee using the CRMSensоr device.

    • The total bonus of a staff member for a specified period of time.

    • The number of customers' evaluations of this employee.

    Counting bonuses

    CRMSensor calculates bonuses earned by each employee as a result of sales. Bonus system is programmed within the CRMSensor devices web-office, and the accrual of points for successful sales is performed automatically.

    Corporate style

    CRMSensor has a convenient content designer, which allows you to create media scenarios with surveys, commercials and slides.

    We understand the importance for each company to maintain and promote their unique corporate identity. Therefore, in presentations on CRMSensor devices you can use unique colors and symbols of your company.

    When creating corporate identity style, colors are selected to be used in designing questions and answers in questionnaires as well as downloading of files with the company logo and screensaver «sleeping» mode.[/raw]

    CRMSensor will help bring your business to the next level!

    Based on the needs of your business, our managers will provide you with an individual functional solution.

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