Mystery shopper online

Our new, but already an incredibly popular feature - "Mystery shopper online»!

"Mystery shopper online" of CRMSensor – is a hybrid of the classical method of research "Mystery shopper" and modern technology. From the classics we took the best – the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive internal audit aimed at improving the quality of service and the CRMSensor technology lets you bring this to a new level.

Dozens of our customers are already using "Mystery shopper online" from CRMSensor for:

  • market research;
  • assessment of consumer experience;
  • to monitor the implementation of customer service standards;
  • for evaluation of the system of personnel training;
  • to estimate the speed of service, discipline and skills of working with clients.
  • How does the "Mystery shopper online" work?

    The main task that we are dealing with in CRMSensor is to enable companies to explore and access not the impromptu scenarios, played out by specially trained people (secret shoppers), but real services, which our employees offer your customers.


    In the personal cabinet/My Account of CRMSensor you have fully recorded service sessions. What technologies do we employ to achieve this result?

  • A personal detector, installed in an interactive CRMSensor device, records the beginning and end of every customer’s session of service.
  • During service, audio and photo recordings are made of a client with intervals of 10 seconds between recordings.
  • All information is transmitted to My Account (personal cabinet) in CRMSensor, which is available on a 24 \ 7 basis to listen, study and evaluative.
  • On the audio recording, you can create a bookmark with comments, in order to be able to easily find the instance of a particular service session.

  • Features of "Mystery shopper online"

  • Record 100% of services that take place in your offices.
  • Identify the beginning and end of each service. Measure the average service time per customer and the average service time for each employee.
  • See and hear the client’s service process (photos and audio).
  • Work only with the actual service session: observe the behavior of the customer and see your employee as it happens every day in the process of communication with customers.
  • To make notes, while listening to the audio recording, so as to be able to return to a particular time of service in the future.
  • To use the same audio recording to fill various check-lists.
  • To automate the study "Mystery shopper" (check-lists are filled out by selecting the correct answer while listening, with the results being calculated automatically).
  • To combine the study, "Mystery shopper " with surveys and advertising.
  • To use system filters in order to search for the desired audio recording (date, place, the device, the staff member or a specific customer's response to a question).

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    CRMSensor will help bring your business to the next level!

    Based on the needs of your business, our managers will provide you with an individual functional solution.

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