Evaluation of staff

Authorization of employees

The CRMSensor device can provide authorization of an employee with subsequent attachment of all the data collected during the period of their employment (customer profiles, quality assessment, sales statistics).

Logging in CRMSensor system can be accomplished by:
  • using a personal card (flash media);
  • entering the personal numeric code;
  • getting authorization in the external information system of the company (if CRMSensor is integrated with your information system).

  • Digital badge

    After login the CRMSensor interface will display the digital badge of the employee.

    Digital badge may include:
  • photo of the employee;
  • title;
  • name.
  • During customer service digital badge can be a greeting or a part of the survey, related to the specific employee.

    Using digital badge, you initiate the contact with the customer from the first moment of their interaction with your company.

    Evaluation of the quality of service

    Questions of any format are at your disposal, the answers to which you want to obtain directly from clients.

    Use CRMSensor as the basic channel of communication with your clients.

    It will allow you to always have the factual information on how your clients estimate the work of your personnel and how this assessment changes depending on the measures which are employed to improve the quality of service.

    More about surveys


    «Mystery shopper online»

    CRMSensor automated method of research "Mystery shopper". Now, to evaluate the performance of each employee, you can use "Mystery shopper online» from CRMSensor.

    «Mystery shopper online» - is:
  • audio recording of the service process of each client;
  • transmission of audio of service performances to My Account (personal cabinet) of CRMSensor online;
  • automated audio processing tools;
  • checklists of internal audit;
  • automatic calculation of the MSI index.

  • If the quality of your customer service is vital for your business, then the unprecedented control of the quality of service of CRMSensоr "Mystery shopper online" is your tool!

    More about Mystery Shopper research

    Additional features in the evaluation of staff

    Reliability of information

    Information about the quality of service is protected from fraud on the part of employees, because each profile contains:

  • answers and photos of clients;
  • video and audio of the survey;
  • the ability to mark suspicious profiles to be invalid, disqualifying them from participation in the overall assessment.

  • More about audio and video recording

    Callback applications

    If a customer is not satisfied with the work of an employee, they can leave a contact phone number to contact a specialist in quality control on CRMSensor device for a call back. The ability for the customer to leave a complaint right there and then significantly reduces the number of written applications and negative reviews using external means of communication.

    Alert selected employees

    You can configure notifications about negative feedback via SMS or E-mail to employees responsible for quality control of personnel. Notifications will come in an online mode.

    CRMSensor will help bring your business to the next level!

    Based on the needs of your business, our managers will provide you with an individual functional solution.

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