Audio and video recording

The CRMSensor device is equipped with a microphone and 2 MPx frontal camera for audio and video recordings of customer service.

CRMSensor features of audio and video recording are used in the following cases:

  • Recording of customer service.

  • «Mystery shopper» online.

  • Testing of personnel

  • Video of the service processes.

  • Analysis of claims and customer complaints.

  • Studies of sales efficiency.

  • Audio and video recording are feature devices that can be connected and disconnected remotely. Through a Web-office of CRMSensor a record may be included for a single device (for rapid inspection), and also for the whole network of devices.

    When does the recording start?

    You can configure the CRM Sensor devices and begin to record:

  • When the device's sensors detect the presence of a visitor.

  • When a customer touches the touch screen and begins to take a survey.

    CRMSensor will help bring your business to the next level!

    Based on the needs of your business, our managers will provide you with an individual functional solution.

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