Remote control

CRMSensor is an interactive touch-sensitive device with the ability to display any multimedia content.

Your CRMSensor device, placed directly in place of the customer service area, is bound to attract the attention by a bright picture and sound, unlike paper booklets, posters, etc.

All multimedia content, including banners, videos, marketing surveys and hybrid advertising scenarios, is designed in the "Advertising" section of CRMSensor's My account/personal cabinet.

The advantage of CRMSensor, which you will certainly appreciate, is the remote management of advertising content. For 1 or 10,000 CRMSensor devices - to describe a new product or service, you will need no more than 10 minutes.

We are determined that 100% of customers who come to you will see your advertising!

Additional features


CRMSensor scenarios combine commercials, banners and surveys, which allow a single device to act as an advertising platform for multiple products and services.

In My Account (personal cabinet of CRMSensor you can prepare advertising campaigns from several scenarios and use them according to your business needs).

Sleep mode

In the absence of customers, CRMSensor device is in "sleep mode", showing a slide or a screensaver video. When the client appears CRMSensor perceives the presence and reacts instantly quickly. The system wakes up, inviting the client to participate in a survey or launches an advertising script.


Each CRMSensоr device can operate as a stand-alone advertising platform with its own advertising script.

Sound signal

You can enhance CRMSensor's promotional script with sound signals. Attract the attention of customers by melodic sound while showcasing the most important moments during the demonstration.

Targeted advertising

Align interviews and media content and make your ads focused. Ask the customer about their needs (survey) and, depending on the answers, suggest the product that they are interested in.

My Account (personal cabinet) of CRMSensor consolidates the information of all the advertising scenarios. You will know exactly how many people saw your ads.

Combined functionality

Advertising opportunities of CRMSensоr are used in conjunction with other functions (interviews, "Mystery Shopper online").

CRMSensor will help bring your business to the next level!

Based on the needs of your business, our managers will provide you with an individual functional solution.

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