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Interview with Andrew Bulgakov, Chief of the MGTS Center for sales and services.

Среда, 8 Апрель 2015

Булгаков-А-А--200As of August 2014, MGTS clients notice that the sales and service centers of the company have new devices – the CRMSensor interactive sensory questionnaires. It is time to talk about them in more detail.

– Andrew, it is not the first time that I have noticed in your interviews the mention of interactive questionnaires by CRMSensor. Please, tell us how and why MGTS uses these devices?

– Initially, we faced the task of getting the feedback from our customers to monitor the quality of our services.
And by choosing from all the available devices in the market, we decided on a pilot project of the young Russian IT-company, - CRMSensor.


– Why did you choose CRMSensor specifically?

– First, to reiterate, this is a Russian developer. And already it was obvious at this stage of acquaintance with the proposed solution that it has been created with the understanding of the realities and specific character of the contemporary Russian market. But also, taking into account the requirements of large network companies with a big flow of clients.
Second, we found it to be an interesting opportunity to solve several pressing problems with one tool: getting feedback from our customers, to efficiently manage advertising content, to create interactive scenarios for improving cross-selling services of MGTS, etc.
Now we are solving more than four tasks using the systems of CRMSensor, and this is not the limit of its resources. In the coming year, we are planning to increase the capacity of the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) system.


– What was your customers' reaction to the appearance of the CRMSensor questionnaires in your MGTS sales and service centres?

– The result was more than positive. Today, the interaction of CRMSensor with us involves about 45% of the visitors to the offices of MGTS.
– This is a very high level of responses. How do you manage to get such a feedback from your clients?

– This has already become a standard service in all of our MGTS service centers. Our clients are aware that in every service center of our company they can register their opinion regarding the performance of the personnel of our company.
Our customers have become used to it. They also know that the management of MGTS reacts to their complaints and appeals, constantly improving the quality of service, as indicated by our customers' responses since the project has been instituted.


– And how do your employees react to the fact that now every customer can submit their opinion regarding their work?

– Unquestionably, this disciplines the personnel, since now the management can not only monitor the quality of their service, based on various qualifiers, but apply the measures for its enhancement as well.
These measures produce very positive results. For example, 161,244 individuals have participated in the survey from August 2014 to May 2015. On the average, their evaluation of the quality of services was 4.8 points out of 5 on a scale of 1 to 5.
But our concern is not to weed out bad employees, believe me. Our task is to be able to identify the inefficiencies and weaknesses within our service and to quickly eliminate them.
As far as personnel is concerned, we are employing a unique method: CMRSenors's «personnel testing», conducted right at the workplace.
We conduct it with CRMSensor devices right at the job. We test for the knowledge of the standards of service, the range of our available products and services.
The contemporary technologies here also answer for the objectivity of results: in the process of testing the video recording, which we analyze, is conducted. We obtain entire information in the regime of on-line.
The objectivity of the results is ensured by modern technology: the testing process is conducted by video, which is analyzed online.


– Customers often make impulsive assessments. How would it be possible to ensure the objectivity of the data?

– By expanding the possibilities of the same system with which our clients interact. This involves using audio and photographic images of all service sessions for further research and expert assessment.
In essence, it is a familiar method of research, - "Mystery shopper", only automated, with no restrictions on the number of inspected subjects with information obtained online.
We call it the "Mystery shopper online». Imagine what possibilities are available to use for evaluation of each employee in order to understand how the company's services are sold, how they interact with a client! The whole processes of customer service is recorded in real time.
The results in the first year of realization of the project speak of whether the system works: the quality of customer service in the branch offices increased by 20%.
We are constantly monitoring the satisfaction index of our customers: since the implementation of the project it rose from 70% to 90%.


– How much time did it take for MGTS to implement the CRMSensor system?

– The pilot project lasted 4 months plus another month for equipping all of the MGTS offices with the devices.


– You have already talked about CRMSensor's use for getting feedback from customers and quality of service. What other functions of CRMSensor do you use?

– We conduct not simply surveys, but an in-depth research of opinions of clients regarding the company's work on many different levels. The system possesses powerful analytical tools. And, very importantly, CRMSensor is ready to further develop functional applications to meet the challenges of MGTS.
We like using the advertising opportunities of CRMSensor: speed, simplicity and interactivity. It takes only a few minutes from the appearance of a new advertising product to placing it on all MGTS devices. It is very convenient!


– Everything you described not only enhances the image of the company but should also be reflected in sales. What are the results since the beginning of the project?

– Yes, now there are positive results of Internet and TV sales, which we advertise in interactive scenarios on CRMSensor.
It is, of course, a comprehensive, combined indicator of different divisions of the company. But the merits of targeted advertising of CRMSensor are crucial.


– What are the prospects of CRMSensor, taking into account the established functionality and performance of the system?

– When we started using the system a year ago, we did not know that we would me using such a big assortment of services.
Furthermore, we understood from the very beginning that the system has great potential, therefore, according to our agreement; the company introduces 3 modifications per year designed specifically for MGTS.
From the perspectives aimed at increasing sales of services of MGTS, I see integration with our CRMSensor-system. But this is a future possibility.