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One CRMSensor for solving many tasks

CRMSensоr is an interactive touch-screen device and software, developed by our company's team. The main task of CRMSensоr is providing effective means of communication between customers and businesses. With CRMSensor you always know what your customers think, understand their needs and use that knowledge to solve specific business problems.

Versatility and adaptability- some of the core advantages of the system. We invite you to explore the capabilities of CRMSensor, developed and implemented for business projects!

A simple tool for your business

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Beginning of work

Wi-Fi and 220V
To get started using the CRMSensor, you only need to select a location for installation (in the area of customer interaction with your company), plug the CRMSensor device into an outlet and connect to Wi-Fi. The installation and setup takes less than 10 minutes.

Content design

Convenient interface
In the personal cabinet of CRMSensоr you will find a simple and intuitive interface for content creation. You can create your own content in a matter of minutes; upload it to the CRMSensоr device using various media scripts, interviews, slides, and advertising.

Remote service

Cloud management
The personal cabinet of CRMSensоr is available 24/7. At any time you can remotely add or modify your scripts, download new surveys, have the access to the use of statistical and analytical reports. You do not need to integrate or deploy additional infrastructure. Cloud service allows you to quickly begin operation of a system.

Sample size 

The technological efficacy of the CRMSensor (sensory interface, interactive scenarios, etc.) allows the client to greatly simplify the process of participation in a survey, making it interesting, while reducing the time necessary to collect information. For this very reason you are getting the maximum amount of sample size. Depending on the project, the size of the sample can vary from 15 to 80%.